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Testing and

Facilities for health ai
and robotics

This page is focused on the Portuguese Ecosystem and our offer to European Start-ups and SMEs. More information related to the European opportunities are available here

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TEF-Health develops a world-class
reference testing and experimentation facilities

TEF-Health is a new digital innovation cluster that will speed up the value chain in the field of Health of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by providing specific support to innovators, Start-ups and SMEs.

With the joint goal of accelerating and facilitating validation and certification of Artificial Intelligence and robotics medical devices, a network of leading academic and private partners is committed to providing comprehensive support for pilot products:

The process — applying to TEF-Health

Applying to TEF-Health

Eligibility assessment

Application approval and access to TEF-Health services

Matchmaking with TEF-Health service providers

Signature of adhesion agreement to TEF-Health Portugal

Pilot implementation

Final TRL evaluation assessment

All partners